Vertical farm harness, smart connection, start the new agricultural revolution!

Vertical farm is one of the important directions of the new agricultural revolution.

The vertical farm is similar to the development mode of high-rise buildings. In the skyscrapers, the growth environment such as water, sunlight and temperature required by agricultural organisms are simulated by technical means to promote the growth of crops. In short, it is a new agricultural development model that carries out various agricultural production in high-rise buildings, makes full use of renewable resources and greenhouse technology, and greatly improves agricultural output and land use efficiency.

The vertical farm adopts the food chain principle in the natural ecosystem to reasonably match animals, plants and microorganisms to achieve the maximum utilization of energy. Vertical farm is a complete self-sufficient ecosystem, including not only crop farming, but also a series of transformation processes from crop production to waste management.

There is no doubt that electricity and light are the most important and key components of the vertical farm, so the vertical farm needs a large number of high-quality precision wire harnesses

The following are the technical parameters of longhui electric wire, a vertical agricultural harness:

Application type: electrical, mechanical products, internal power cord, external interconnection or internal wiring

Suitable for environment: fixed installation (- 40 ℃ to + 90 ℃) and mobile installation (- 10 ℃ to + 90 ℃)

Applicable rated voltage: 600V

Cable: ul2587, jacket: PVC, core wire insulation: FEP, UL, cul, certified.

Cable size: from 40 AWG min, solid or stranded. Required for each application.

Terminal: customized according to customer requirements, any size and material

Molding materials: PE, PP, ABS, PBT, PA66, nylon, PVC, TPE, PU, etc

Crimping process: automatic cable crimping terminal machine can crimp any type of wire terminal and cable connector

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